The Truths About Hair Loss Myths

The Truths About Hair Loss Myths

Losing your sleep over your dwindling hair and seeking advice? Or perhaps it’s premature grey hair that’s giving you self-esteem issues? If you’re trying to seek answers to your hair problems, you’ll be surprised at the volume and variety of hair loss cure advice and solutions friends and well-wishers offer you. Depending upon who you speak to, you could be told that you can fight baldness by washing your hair with cold water. Another of your well-meaning aunts in Toronto, could go on to suggest that direct exposure to sunlight can lead to hair loss! So, before you end up being terrified by the hair-raising reasons and solutions shrouded in myth, let’s go seek the truth about hair loss and hair treatment.

Myth and fact 1: If you cut your hair it will grow more, is an oft-repeated myth associated with ways to get your balding scalp sprouting hair again. But the fact remains that any amount of cutting will not positively influence the growth of hair on your scalp. The only thing it can possibly do is remove split ends and give your hair more volume. So, remember, there’s no point in cutting your hair short or shaving your scalp to rejuvenate hair growth.

Myth and fact 2: Massaging your scalp is the best way to boost hair growth. If there was even a bit of truth in this myth, then masseurs would be in heavy demand. However, till date, no study has conclusively proved that physically stimulating the scalp surface invigorates the hair follicles. On the other hand, constant massaging of the scalp could leave your hair suffering from frictional damage.

Myth and fact 3: If you’re losing hair, dandruff is the culprit. If you come across this explanation for your hair loss, rest assured that it’s a myth. Scientists have concluded that dandruff and hair loss have no correlation at all. The itching sensation associated with dandruff sure makes us scratch our heads a lot. Added to that, a dry scalp could cause hair breakage and hair loss which is incorrectly attributed to dandruff. Although, it makes sense in a way to keep your head dandruff-free.

Myth and fact 4: Have you been told that frequently changing your shampoo brand is causing hair loss? Rest assured, the scalp is not habituated to any one shampoo. Therefore, don’t worry too much about switching to a new shampoo brand.

Myth and fact 5: Young women don’t have to be worried about hair loss. If you thought that hair loss is the exclusive preserve of older women, you have another think coming. Hair loss can even affect girls entering their teens. Remember, hair loss need not be due to growing age alone. It could also be the consequence of raging hormones coursing during puberty.

Myth and fact 6: You’re losing hair because of stress. The truth is hair loss usually takes place only in cases of significant and prolonged traumatic stress. Even in such cases, the hair loss is not permanent but a temporary condition involving hair thinning at a very fast pace. Hair growth resumes and normalizes when the stress reduces.

Myth and fact 7: If you’ve been advised to wash your head with cold water to get the hair growing stronger, take it with a pinch of salt. While using cold water improves blood circulation, prevents frizz and tightens cuticles, you can practically bid goodbye to any thoughts of regaining your lost hair.

Myth and fact 8: Consuming vitamins can promote hair growth, is yet another myth that needs to be busted. Hair is nothing but dead tissues, and so popping vitamins or applying vitamin-enriched potions to the scalp will not result in hair regrowth or rejuvenation of any kind.

Myth and fact 9: Plucking a grey hair will lead to many more cropping up on your scalp. Before succumbing to this ageless myth, it would help to remember that the black color of the hair is due to melanin pigment produced by the body. When melanin production is affected, the hair tends to grey. So, don’t agonize over plucking out a grey hair from your scalp if the sight irritates you. But you can bet that plucking a grey hair will sure be a pain!

Myth and fact 10: Wearing a hat will lose your hair. If you’re worried that putting on a hat or cap on your head will leave you bald, don’t. Since hair follicles get their oxygen supply through the blood that circulates in our body, they really don’t have to breathe. Wearing a hat or any form of headgear is not going to starve your hair of oxygen. So, go ahead and wear anything you please on your head.

Myth and fact 11: Hair loss and baldness are inherited from your mother. Considering that roughly 200 genes regulate our hair and its growth, it’s possible that the baldness quotient is the result of genes from either side of your family.

Myth and fact 12: Exposing the head to sunlight is an invitation to baldness. Since the hair is the body’s natural protection against the elements, there is no way that it will get affected by sunlight. You can rest assured that your hair won’t fall off just because you spend a lot of time in the sun.

For generations, people have propagated and nurtured myths surrounding hair. For the most part these suppositions center around likely causes behind hair fall. By falling prey to such false conjectures, many people deprive themselves of ways and means to combat hair loss and baldness.

Fortunately, nowadays we have techniques like hair transplant and Platelet Rich Plasma therapy or PRP for hair loss treatment to help in the treatment of hair fall and hair loss problems. In PRP treatment, your own blood is centrifuged and injected to your scalp. But for those of us who are not excited about using our blood for a PRP injection, there’s Advanced Adipose-derived stem cell Protein Extracts (AAPE) hair care serum, an extremely effective hair regeneration therapy that is non-invasive in nature. More than 500,000 satisfied customers vouch for its efficacy and no wonder AAPE is growing popular with every passing day. If you have already taken a PRP for treating hair loss, you can still opt for the AAPE therapy! For people living in downtown Toronto, midtown or Richmond Hill and looking for a hair transplant Toronto, the good news is that AAPE is available for tackling their hair loss. Visit for more details.

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