Revolutionizing Hair Loss Treatment: Introducing Three Monthly Maintenance Programs


Within the domain of hair loss treatment, characterized by fragmented and short-lived solutions, Trichology Centre | Hair Loss Clinic is making a decisive stride ahead. Understanding the need for consistent, long-term maintenance rather than short-lived fixes, the clinic introduces three innovative hair loss treatment packages. These packages offer comprehensive care and substantial savings, ensuring effectiveness and affordability for clients committed to managing their hair loss.

Unveiling the New Hair Loss Treatment Programs

Trichology Centre | Hair Loss Clinic is proud to announce the launch of three new hair loss treatment packages, each spanning a year-long commitment. Recognizing the importance of sustained care in managing hair loss, these programs offer clients the opportunity to undergo regular treatments over twelve months, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of their maintenance routines.

The Benefits for Patients

Why would clients opt for a year-long commitment? The answer lies in the savings and the consistent care these packages provide. By signing up for one of these programs, clients can save 30-34% compared to individual treatment sessions. Additionally, they receive the assurance of monthly treatments, ensuring proactive management of their hair loss throughout the year.

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Platinum Package (Package 7)

Priced at $225 per month, the Platinum Package offers a comprehensive approach to hair loss management. Clients enrolled in this program receive:

  • Four Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments spaced every three months. (reg $497 per session)
  • Eight Pharma Hermetics treatments to complement the PRP sessions. (reg $197 per session)
  • Twelve DS Lab Spectral DNC Spray applications, one per month, for enhanced maintenance. (Spectral DNC $46 per month)
  • PATIENTS SAVE $1,416.00 OR 34%OFF

Patients visit the clinic monthly, alternating between PRP and Pharma Hermetics sessions and receiving their Spectral Spray application.

Gold Package (Package 8)

At $197 per month, the Gold Package provides a balanced hair loss treatment approach, focusing on PRP therapy and Pharma Hermetics. This package includes:

  • Four PRP treatments are scheduled every three months. (reg $497 per session)
  • Eight Pharma Hermetics treatments were strategically placed between PRP sessions. (reg $197 per session)
  • PATIENTS SAVE $1200 OR 34% OFF

Patients visit the clinic monthly, alternating between PRP and Pharma Hermetics treatments.

Silver Package (Package 9)

The Silver Package, priced at $137 monthly, emphasizes Pharma Hermetics treatments for consistent hair loss maintenance. This package includes:

  • Twelve Pharma Hermetics treatments are scheduled monthly throughout the year (reg $197 per session).

Patients visit the clinic monthly for their Pharma Hermetics session, ensuring ongoing care and support for their hair health.


Is there a commitment involved in these treatment packages? Yes, each package requires a 12-month commitment.

What happens after the 12-month commitment period? If you are satisfied with the program, you can continue every month.

What if I could be happier with the results during the 12 months? We understand that results may vary for each individual. In such cases, we encourage open communication with our specialists to discuss any concerns and explore potential adjustments to the treatment plan.

Can I customize the treatment plan to suit my specific needs? Our treatment packages are designed to provide comprehensive care, but we also understand that individual requirements may vary. We offer consultations to tailor the treatment plan to your needs and preferences.

Are additional benefits or perks included in the treatment packages? Along with the scheduled treatments, clients enrolled in our packages may also receive additional perks, such as discounts on complementary products or exclusive access to educational resources on hair health and maintenance.


Trichology Centre | Hair Loss Clinic’s new hair loss treatment packages significantly advance hair loss management. By offering year-long programs with monthly treatments, the clinic addresses the need for sustained care, providing clients with comprehensive solutions for their hair loss concerns. 

These packages offer significant cost savings and personalized treatment choices, empowering individuals to manage their hair health effectively and begin a path toward achieving fuller, healthier hair.

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