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Scalp micropigmentation (SMP), a cosmetic permanent makeup procedure also known as a hair tattoo, hairline tattoo, or scalp tattoo, involves depositing pigment into the epidermal layer of the scalp and can create the illusion of tiny hair follicles, giving people of all ages providing the illusion of a fuller and thicker head of hair to individuals of all ages. Scalp micropigmentation is advantageous for individuals experiencing different forms of hair loss or thinning due to age, alopecia conditions such as androgenetic hair loss, alopecia areata, or other underlying hair loss conditions.


SMP is a non-invasive and effective hair loss solution that involves depositing pigment into the scalp to create the illusion of tiny hair follicles. The treatment is customized to each client’s needs and goals, considering the density, detail, and depth required to achieve the perfect hairline and scalp density.
Clients can anticipate an exceptional experience and maximum results with the aid of a proficient and knowledgeable technician.

Who is Suitable for SMP?

Scalp micropigmentation is ideal for both men and women, young or old. It suits people with bald scalps, long hair, thinning hair, shaved heads, buzz cut, and even a beard. A new hairline tattoo can be created for men with male pattern baldness. For females suffering from thinning hair, SMP can add density giving the whole scalp a denser, fuller look. For people suffering from alopecia totalis or universalis, we can recreate the entire hairline, including the sides and back of the head. Eyebrows can also be recreated with another procedure called microblading.

Performing the SMP Procedure

A certified practitioner performs the procedure using a handheld tattoo device with thin needles. The pigment is deposited into the epidermal layer of the scalp to recreate the appearance of tiny hair follicles.  The pigment matches the client’s hair colour and skin tone, ensuring a natural-looking result. Next, the dots created by the thin needles are carefully placed to make the appearance of a full head of hair, even in thinning or balding areas. Then, it is blended into the existing hair for a smooth transition.

Benefits of a Hair Tattoo

Non-Surgical Procedure

SMP is also ideal for individuals who may not be good candidates for surgical hair restoration procedures, such as those lacking enough donor hair to enjoy total density on the scalp. It provides many advantages over hair transplants. Firstly, it is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure, making it more convenient and safer than surgery.

In addition, it offers immediate results once the sessions are completed, compared to hair transplants, which can take over a year to see optimal results. There is no downtime for SMP because it isn’t a surgical procedure. So minimal aftercare for a few days is all that is required. No scars are created on the back of the head, like in hair transplantation.

Long Lasting

The long-lasting effects of SMP, which can last for many years, make it an attractive option for those seeking a permanent solution. Additionally, the procedure has minimal discomfort experienced by most clients.

Cover up Scars

For hair transplant patients who want to sport a shorter hairstyle, SMP is the perfect procedure to camouflage their FUT or FUE scars.

Improves Confidence

Scalp micropigmentation can quickly boost one’s confidence. In addition, people regardless of gender, who have thin or balding scalps can benefit from the procedure by creating a new hair style, improving their overall appearance and relieving themselves of the embarrassment caused by hair loss.


Aftercare is an essential aspect of scalp micropigmentation treatment. Proper aftercare ensures the pigment sets correctly, allowing it to last longer and maintain its natural appearance. The aftercare process typically begins immediately after the SMP procedure. Therefore, patients should avoid sweating and showering for the first few days after the treatment.

They should also avoid direct sunlight and steam rooms. When bathing, patients can wear a shower cap to keep the treated area dry. Once the scalp has healed, patients can gently wash it with mild shampoo and lukewarm water. They should avoid using any harsh products or scrubbing the treated area vigorously.

Patients should also avoid touching or scratching the treated area, as this can affect the healing process and cause the pigment to fade prematurely. Proper aftercare is essential for maintaining the results of the SMP treatment and ensuring that the scalp looks natural and healthy.


While SMP is a safe and effective procedure, it does come with some risks. Possible risks include infection, scarring, allergic reactions, and improper pigment distribution. Following proper aftercare instructions and selecting a reliable SMP practitioner can reduce the chances of experiencing these risks.

After the procedure, keeping the scalp clean and dry and avoiding exposure to the sun and heavy sweating is essential. Clients should also attend follow-up sessions to ensure the pigment distribution is even.

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Cost of SMP

When it comes to the cost of SMP, it can vary depending on several factors, including the location, the area being covered, the practitioner’s experience and reputation, and the number of sessions required. However, SMP is typically less expensive than surgical hair restoration procedures and can provide long-lasting results. Considering the cost of SMP as an investment in yourself and your self-confidence is essential.

SMP for Women

Additionally, SMP can be an excellent option for women experiencing hair thinning or baldness. Female pattern hair loss can occur due to hormonal changes, menopause, and certain medical conditions. SMP can help to create the appearance of thicker hair, restore self-confidence, and improve the overall appearance.

The procedure can also be used to create the appearance of a denser and more defined hairline, helping to frame the face and enhance facial features. Generally, the SMP dots are placed behind the hairline, giving it a camouflaged look between the existing thinning hairs.


What is scalp micropigmentation, and how does it differ from a regular tattoo?

It is a cosmetic process that requires injecting pigment into the epidermal layer of the scalp, resulting in the appearance of tiny hair follicles. Unlike a regular tattoo, the pigment is formulated to mimic the appearance of natural hair, and the procedure is applied with thin needles that create small dots instead of a continuous line.

Is scalp micropigmentation suitable for men and women of all ages?

Yes, SMP is ideal for men and women of all ages, hair types, and skin tones.

So how does scalp micropigmentation help with hair loss?

SMP can enhance the appearance of thicker and fuller hair by filling in thinning or balding hair areas.

What is the ideal candidate for scalp micropigmentation?

The perfect candidate is someone who has noticeable hair loss or thinning, has a shaved head or short hair, and is looking for a non-invasive treatment to restore the appearance of thicker hair.

How long does the SMP procedure take?

The duration of the procedure varies based on the treated area’s size and complexity, but it usually takes several hours to complete.

Is scalp micropigmentation a long-lasting solution for hair loss?

Yes, it is a long-lasting solution for hair loss, with results that can last for many years.

How important is it to choose a reputable SMP practitioner?

Choosing a reputable SMP practitioner is crucial to minimize the risk of complications and ensure the best possible outcome. Doing research, asking questions, reading reviews, and requesting before and after photos are essential.

Can scalp micropigmentation be used to create a perfect hairline?

Yes, scalp micro-pigmentation can create a perfect hairline, which is especially beneficial for those with receding hairlines or those who have lost their hairline. The practitioner can use SMP to create a natural-looking hairline that blends seamlessly with the existing hair.


Scalp micropigmentation is an innovative and effective solution for those suffering from hair loss.  It can help men and women restore their self-confidence and improve their overall appearance. The treatment involves depositing pigment into the scalp to create the illusion of tiny hair follicles, providing a natural-looking result.

It is a non-invasive and safe procedure suitable for people of all ages, genders, and hair types, and it can cover hair transplant scars and improve the appearance of hair transplant surgery. The procedure is customized to each client’s needs and goals, considering the density, detail, and depth required to achieve the perfect hairline.

With the help of an experienced provider and a team of skilled technicians, clients can expect a great experience and optimal results. It can be completed in a few hours and requires minimal aftercare. The treatment is performed on the epidermal layer of the skin, making it a non-invasive and safe option.

SMP artists and SMP artists worldwide provide the service, making it accessible to anyone looking to improve their appearance and quality of life. Today, SMP has spread all over the world, and SMP artists can provide this service almost everywhere, making it accessible to anyone looking to improve their appearance, confidence, and quality of life.

Although SMP is considered a permanent solution, it’s important to note that the pigment will gradually fade over an average of about eight years if no touch-up is done. Therefore, a touch-up session is usually required every few years to keep the SMP looking new again.

If you’re considering SMP, it’s crucial to research and chooses an experienced and reputable practitioner while having realistic expectations for the procedure. Book an appointment today with Toronto’s leading SMP clinic,

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