MD Hair Peptide Bond Repair Oil





  • Revitalizes and repairs frizzy, fragile, and damaged hair.
  • It enhances the shine, softness, and vibrancy of colour.
  • Enriched with active peptides for hair strengthening.
  • Free from silicon, alcohol, sulphates, and fragrances; vegan and safe for coloured hair.
  • Developed and evaluated by skin care experts.
  • Features innovative technology pending patent approval.



Our Bond Repair Oil is tailor-made for those struggling with dry, frizzy, and chemically damaged hair, offering a lightweight and silicone-free solution for ease of use across all hair types. We formulated this oil with active oligopeptides, moisturizing agents like argan and avocado oils, and potent antioxidants. It safeguards against heat damage while boosting shine and strength and managing frizz, flyaways, and split ends. A modest application to the hair delivers a revitalized, healthier appearance.