MD Hair Eyebrow Serum





  • Begin to notice fuller eyebrows within 2-4 weeks.
  • Rejuvenates thin, fragile, damaged, and excessively tweezed eyebrows.
  • It employs active peptides and amino acids to invigorate the eyebrow hair follicles.
  • Aids in preventing the early onset of gray hair.
  • They are designed for daily application, free from harmful toxins and hormones.
  • It complies with vegan standards and lacks sulphates, alcohol, and fragrances, ensuring it’s safe for coloured hair.
  • Crafted and rigorously tested by dermatological experts.
  • Incorporates unique technology with a patent pending.



The Advanced Eyebrow Serum is engineered to enhance the growth and vitality of eyebrows, blending active peptides, hyaluronic acid, biotin, and botanical ingredients for follicle nourishment and reinforcement. Visible improvements can be expected in 2-4 weeks, with comprehensive results typically seen after three months of regular application. This formula is universally applicable to all skin types and is formulated without sulphates, alcohol, fragrances, and harmful dyes. Its vegan composition is delicately formulated for both skin and eyebrows.

Available in a 3 ml size, providing a 3-month supply.