MD Hair Regrowth Serum





  • Designed for those with sensitive and dry scalps.
  • Includes DHT inhibitors to mitigate the impact of DHT on hair follicles.
  • Fortified with over 20 active botanical complexes.
  • Features Fo-Ti root extract to enhance scalp health and combat early graying.
  • The formulation is light and quickly absorbed.
  • It adheres to vegan standards, is free from sulphates, alcohol, and fragrances, and is safe for coloured hair.
  • Developed and clinically evaluated by dermatologists.
  • Equipped with exclusive, pending patent technology.



Maintaining a healthy scalp and active hair follicles is crucial for regaining new hair. Our Regrowth Scalp Treatment Serum is specifically created to nourish scalp health and prompt hair follicles to transition from resting to active growth. It is composed of more than 20 plant-derived components aimed at enhancing cell regeneration and naturally promoting the appearance of thicker, stronger hair.