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Hair loss treatment is commonly done by adults. But losing hair can also take place with teenagers (boys and girls) too. The teenage years are a phase when boys and girls are constantly making discoveries about themselves. Adolescent years are all about coping with changes in the body and mind– growth of facial hair, deepening of the voice, acne, and fascination with the opposite sex. During this phase, teenagers are highly self-conscious about their appearance. They agonize over their hair style, physique and complexion. Imagine the horror that kids in their teens face when encountering baldness or hair loss. Fortunately, most teenage hair growth issues are connected to the hormonal fluctuations in the body and thus temporary. However, the fear that baldness raises in teenage boys and girls can sometimes lead them to depression. Let’s identify the reasons hair loss happens in teenagers and some cure options.

Prescription medicines causing hair loss

Antibiotics prescribed for common teenage problems like acne, can lead to hair loss. Similarly, medications that are prescribed for boys and girls suffering from teenage depression can also result in hair loss. Fortunately, the effects of such drugs are temporary and reversible. Once medication is discontinued, and with the use of hair growth products, hair generally grows back.

Unhealthy diet causing hair loss

Teenagers are notorious for eating poorly. Preferring to eat fast foods, going on crash diets and excessive exercising, are all responsible for depriving the body of essential nutrients. The first casualty is usually the hair. Always encourage teenage kids to take natural health supplements and to eat properly. If your teenager is suffering hair loss, check if he or she is on a healthy diet. The condition is easily reversible if they take hair growth vitamins along with a healthy nutritional diet.

Stress causing hair loss

Stress is not an adult problem alone. Today, stress is a fact of life across all age groups, particularly among teens. Apart from school work, children today encounter a variety of stresses that come across their way, right from peer groups to social media. Hair loss is one of the first fallouts of prolonged stress on your teenage children. Take the time out to talk to them about their worries. If necessary, get them to see a counsellor and remove the cause of stress. Most stress related hair fall is temporary.


A psychologically compulsive condition where the kid keeps pulling out his hair. Mostly noticed in the age group of 9 to 13 years, children tend to pull at their hair on the scalp. Even the eyebrows and eyelashes become the target. You need to take your kid to the doctor for a consultation and counselling. Once the child gets over the behavior, hair begins to grow back normally.

Traction alopecia

Thanks to modern day fads like hair braiding and wearing hair in a bun, teenage boys are becoming the victims of a condition called traction alopecia. The hair loss takes place because of unnaturally tight hairstyles that subject the hair to stress and result in hair fall. Constantly wearing the hair in a tight ponytail style can end up leaving your teenage son with hair loss. Similarly, prolonged usage of sports helmets or even head phones can cause traction alopecia. The solution is to avoid hairstyles that involve putting pressure on the hair follicles.

Alopecia Areata

An autoimmune malfunction which results in hair loss in round patterns on the scalp. Hair loss is triggered when the body’s internal immune system targets the hair follicles. It is believed that about 1 in every 1000 children is affected by alopecia areata at any particular moment. But considering that it is a temporary condition, you or your teenage son don’t need to lose more hair by fretting unduly about the problem.

Teenage years are the time when children experiment with their looks. They love to experiment with all kinds of hair-styling sprays and gels. Unfortunately, many of these applications contain chemicals that damage the hair. Prolonged usage of such hair products leaves the hair damaged and cause it to fall. Discourage your children from indiscriminately using wonder hair care products for styling the in-look.

Androgenic Alopecia

This hair loss condition is attributed to genetic make-up of the body. It can begin quite early and sometimes even at the onset of puberty. Known as androgenic hair loss, baldness manifests in the form of a receding hairline or thinning hair cover on the crown. If diagnosed early, androgenic alopecia can be treated to some extent.


Today’s sedentary lifestyles and sugar-rich diets are leading to the onset of juvenile diabetes. One of the first signs of this health condition is hair loss. If your teenaged son seems to be losing a lot of hair, consult a medical practitioner and get a blood sugar levels of your child checked.

Hair regrowth options

Luckily, today we have access to a range of unique techniques such as Platelet Rich Plasma therapy or PRP treatment to help in the treatment of hair fall and hair loss problems. In PRP, your blood is centrifuged and later injected onto your scalp. But if you’re uncomfortable about using your blood for a PRP injection, there’s Advanced Adipose-derived cell Protein Extracts (AAPE) hair care serum, a totally non-invasive, extremely effective hair regeneration therapy. More than 500,000 satisfied customers vouch for its efficacy and AAPE is steadily growing in popularity. If you are one of the few who have already tried a PRP for hair loss treatment, you can still opt for AAPE therapy! In fact, clients living in downtown, midtown or Richmond Hill locations can easily locate us and fix up an appointment and let AAPE tackle your hair loss. You can book online at http://hairforever.online at 647-492-9093.

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