What is AAPE? What are the advantages of AAPE in concerns of hair loss?


Even though hair loss is a common occurrence in the United States and Canada, many individuals are embarrassed by it and will spend money on treatments that claim to increase hair or make it seem fuller.

Although cosmetic surgery can have life-changing consequences, some people prefer a less invasive method of achieving a thick head of hair.

PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, can be utilised with AAPE hair treatments. Recent scientific research, like PRP, supports the use of adipose-derived stem cells to help strengthen hair follicles.

Various cytokines released by adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs) have been shown to activate hair follicles and cause hair growth, as well as angiogenesis and wound healing.

In vitro and in vivo tests were used to examine the effects of adipose-derived stem cell-conditioned medium (ADSC-CM) containing several growth factors on hair development.

Adipose-Derived Stem Cells have been used in several research publications in the subject of hair development.

Treatment with adipose-derived stem cell-conditioned media looks to be very beneficial for alopecia and might be a new hair-regeneration treatment.

Is using stem cell hair treatments a good idea?

Doctors have been working with stem cells for years, but many are now looking at how stem cells might help with hair growth.

Stem cells can help strengthen and rejuvenate poor hair follicles, as well as restimulate older follicles.

Hair transplants are commonly used to cure baldness, but there is a new non-surgical approach to restore hair.

Scientists discovered that stem cells may assist in restoring hair after seeing how they can help repair follicles.

Simple stem cell hair treatments include injecting stem cells into the hair follicle so that new hair may develop from them.

It’s a totally unique method of generating new hair that’s both natural and healthy.

Many people are unfamiliar with this process of hair restoration because it is relatively new.

To fully comprehend the benefits of stem cell hair treatments, you must first study five crucial points.

With few new legally recognised treatments for hair loss in the previous 20 years, adipose-derived stem cell-based therapies may be the future of hair restoration.

What is AAPE?

Advanced Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Protein Extract (AAPE) is an acronym for Advanced Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Protein Extract.

AAPE is a serum for hair care. As a hair loss therapy, this hair care serum is a non-invasive treatment that may be used in a therapeutic environment with no downtime or discomfort.

AAPE is the first stem cell-based product with clinical results in humans to be published in SCI journals.

In Japan, AAPE is used in over 200 clinics for hair regrowth.

Dermatologists and medical specialists from Korea, Japan, and the United States have authorised and recommended the brand AAPE.

AAPE was utilised by over 4000 dermatologists in over 700,000 clinical procedures throughout the world.

AAPE is a lyophilized form of proteins released by cultured ADSC obtained and purified from healthy adult women.

The production is carried out by the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) in accordance with cell therapy requirements.

To stimulate cytokine release, ADSC are kept in a low-oxygen environment (2 percent O2, 5% CO2, 93 percent N2) for 72 hours throughout manufacture.

Vessel endothelial growth factor (VEGF), hepatocyte growth factor (HGF), basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF), keratinocyte growth factor (KGF), and platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) are among the cytokines found in AAPE (PDGF).

The actions of these cytokines are not decreased when they are powdered, and they may be kept for lengthy periods of time.

Immediately prior to use, cytokines are dissolved in 4 mL of saline each vial.


Yes, active proteins come from humans and do not cause allergic responses. AAPE has been used in hundreds or even thousands of surgeries all over the world.


Individual treatments are $597.00; however we recommend doing three treatments over the course of three months. When you pay for three months in advance, you save $400, therefore the total cost for three treatments is $1397.00. We also offer combination of AAPE plus other treatments in our 16-week hair loss program.


Stem cells are primitive cells found in all multicellular organisms that have the potential to regenerate themselves Mitotic cell division allows them to replenish themselves and differentiate into a variety of specialised cell type.


AAPE secretes powerful stimulants known as cytokines, which promote hair follicle development. According to research, stem cells can also turn into new hair follicle cells.

What are the advantages of AAPE for hair loss?

  1. You will recover quickly.

Some people are apprehensive to have hair transplant surgery because they do not want to go through the recuperation process.

Patients who have standard hair transplant surgery should expect to remain in recovery for up to a week. Scars may take 7-10 days to fall out and mend for those who acquire them.

Hair loss stem cell therapies recover quickly. In as little as two days, the donor region can be totally restored, and in as little as seven days, it can be completely healed.

  1. Stem cell hair can be used almost anywhere on body

Traditional hair transplants work well on the head, but they may not work as well in other locations. Stem cells may be employed to promote hair development in a variety of ways.

This type of therapy can help you regenerate hair in your brows and beard. It would be ideal for those who wish they had a broader appearance.

Hair can also be grown on damaged places with stem cell hair treatments.

  1. The stem cells might come from a variety of sources.

Stem cells vary from other cells in that they can differentiate into different types of cells. That is why they are so often used in tissue repair and surgical treatments. They’re adaptable and may be utilised for a wide range of purposes.

Although stem cell hair treatment is still in its early stages, scientists have already discovered novel ways to employ stem cells to aid hair growth.

While some doctors choose to utilise stem cells from hair follicles, they might also use stem cells from other parts of the body.

Adipose tissue stem cells have been employed to help restore hair.

Other doctors have employed blood platelet-rich plasma to aid hair growth. Skin stem cells have even been employed to promote hair growth in some cases.

  1. Treatments using stem cells for hair can be substantially less intrusive.

Hair transplants are popular because they are a straightforward solution to prevent baldness, but they are still a medical treatment with risks.

Most hair follicle transplants involve the total replacement of follicles with fresh skin and hair.

A strip of skin and hair (typically from the back of the head, but it can come from anywhere on the body) is transplanted to a new location.

This surgery can be excruciatingly uncomfortable. Severe scarring can occur in locations where hair and skin are transplanted and implanted.

The area where the hair is transplanted will not be able to recover hair, and as a result, serious scarring may occur.

Stem cell hair treatments are non-invasive and leave only minor scars. Only a little portion of the hair follicle that can create hair is removed, rather than the full hair follicle.

The whole thing is a lot milder.

These operations don’t require the use of scalpels; instead, the doctor will simply need to inject using a little needle.

If necessary, stem cells can be extracted from the same follicle.

5. It can be used for men and women

It is suitable for both men and women. This substance has a great impact on both. They show signs of hair regrowth.

The body of evidence supporting the use of adipose-derived stem cells and ASC-based therapies for male and female pattern hair loss is progressively increasing.

When compared to current treatment options, these medicines have less adverse effects and appear to be beneficial in both males and girls.

The AAPE treatment has come to an end

As a result of AAPE treatment, Japanese scientists have done hair regeneration therapy by intradermal injection of ADSC-CM in multiple Japanese patients during their research.

Because this method uses a ready-to-use intradermal injectable formulation, no specific equipment or tools are required, simplifying the procedure.

This approach is quite safe, and while its results are not instantaneous, it aids hair regrowth by enhancing the scalp with minimum rebound impact, making it a valuable procedure.

As you can see, stem cell hair repair is the way of the future.

Cosmetic surgery can completely transform your view on life.

Imagine what a flatter stomach or more youthful-looking skin could do for your confidence if you had a full head of hair!

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