KEY PRP BETTER Double Spin 40 ML


KEY PRP BETTER Double Spin 40 ML


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6X Above Baseline Platelet Concentration
When we refer to “6X above baseline platelet concentration,” it means that the platelet levels in a sample of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) are six times higher than the standard or baseline platelet count found in a person’s regular blood.
To provide a clearer picture, let’s delve into the details:
Baseline Platelet Concentration: This signifies the usual concentration of platelets in an individual’s bloodstream when they are not undergoing any medical procedures. In a standard blood sample, the platelet count is expressed as a numerical value per microliter (μL) of blood.
6X Above Baseline Platelet Concentration: When we use the term “6X above baseline,” it indicates The platelet concentration in the PRP sample is sixfold higher than what is typically present in a regular blood sample from the same individual. For example, if the baseline platelet count is 100,000 platelets/μL, “6X above baseline” would equate to a PRP concentration of 600,000 platelets/μL.
In the realm of PRP hair treatment, the goal is to achieve an elevated platelet concentration. This is primarily because it provides a richer source of growth factors and other biologically active substances. These components carry significant potential in enhancing the healing process and promoting tissue regeneration, a particularly pertinent aspect of PRP hair treatment. The specific concentration sought may vary depending on the particular requirements of the hair restoration procedure and the desired treatment outcomes.

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BETTER Double Spin 40 ML