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I just finished my SMP procedure , I LOVE IT , they did 3 procedures and free touch ups , most company’s only do 2 procedures and don’t give you touch ups ,

Inside : very clean and clinical , it’s a medical building feel confident going here

Process – went for a free consultation she magnified my hair loss with this camera and actually counted all my hairs , I was explained all procedures laser , smp , hair transplant , fue , they suggested what they would think is my best option , I wanted a transplant as most ppl think that’s the only way to get hair ,the doctor very nicely explained to me if I get it now at my young age , I will keep loosing hairs till I’m older and I’ll require more transplants which could cost me a lot , I still might not be happy and the worst I’d run out of donor hair , so she said it was up to me but they recommended SMP .

After thinking about it I went back and got SMP they gave me a pre smp paper to follow , they called me the day before to remind me to follow the paper before the procedure , went on a Sunday got my first procedure was a bit skeptical at first , after my first session I loved it I couldn’t stop starting at my self I looked like I got a fresh cut , week 2 it faded a bit I was concerned called hair forever and within an hour they made me feel better and said that’s why it’s done in 3 sessions , went for my last session 2 weeks ago and it still looks like the first week I was in love with it , SMP is great if you want to look like drake or have a feeling of a fresh cut all the time . THANK YOU HAIR FOREVER FOR BRINGING MY CONFIDANCE BACK. Best part of all my head does not have a reflection anymore would definitely recommend this place . Even if your going to another company go get a free consult I bet you will learn so much that when you go to the other companies you will know what to ask and say ,.. I went to the other 2 clubs that appear on google all day and I felt both places just tried to sell me the most expensive procedure , this place is not out for the money ,

The consultant has had 3 opportunities to take my money while discussing 3 separate procedures I was considering. She has to be one of the most honest person I have met in this industry!

I went to Hair Forever after seeing a ad on a bus , I had gone to 3 other consultations. one place only tried selling me a transplant and prp , I went to another famous clinic always on tv and they said I need ext and a hair system . They confused me . I then saw this add on the bus I had nothing to lose after reading the reviews on google where reviews said they were not pressured to buy . I booked a consultation it was FREE , during the consultation I was amazed at the info I got , THEY EXPLAINED ME EVERY SINGLE PROCEDURE THAT WAS AVAILABLE UNLIKE OTHER CLINICS WHERE THEY TRY TO JUST SELL YOU , I was explained hair transplants / fue/fut , I was told prp is not health Canada approved and is not fda approved , I was explained beard transplants , smp , laser and hair systems . I have to say I never knew so many solutions existed you figure all clinics will have all solutions. I have to say even though I didn’t purchase I feel so much better and educated on hair loss , and they didn’t even care if I purchased . I would say go for a free consult even if you go else where at lease you don’t feel pressured and you know all the methods and what they do ,now I feel I know my options and other clinics were selling me temporary options once I choose what I want I’m defiantly going here . Thank you for saving me from prp and wasting my money elsewhere where the problem would arise again .

I went to this place as I got a text add , I was very pleased with the trichologist that did my consult . She was very informal on all the procedures they offer and I didn’t feel they were pressuring me for an expensive transplant , in fact I was told I was not a good candidate as I’m only 27 and could lose more hair and come back when I see more scalp . I was very pleased when I was told even if I choose another place , please let me know the reason you didn’t choose us , by hearing that made me feel they are trying to serve the customer not sell the customer , funny thing is I ended up getting a procedure from them to maintain my current hair after-shopping around . VERY PLEASED BYTHE SERVICE (lllt)

I had a consultation here with a fantastic knowledgeable consultant few days ago. I must say I have been to many hair loss centres in the pass, and must say I was amazed with Hair Forever in Brampton . She was very pleasant and very helpful at answering all my questions. A lot of places just rush you and try to sell you on any treatments just to get your money. I had SMP done here, and must say love my results after 3 sessions, I feel like a million bucks . I have my coincidence back and feel I can face the world again, without people staring at my hair loss. This place is truly remarkable, and very helpful to anyone going thru hair loss. I recommend anyone feeling helpless about hair loss to come in for there free consultation and give them a try. You will decently feel what I felt with no pressure to buy . Thank you so much Hair Forever for this wonderful experience .
I will highly recommend you to anyone I know that needs help with hair loss . Very clean, professional facility and truly confidential. Many thanks!!!

Hair Forever is a bright and clean clinic. They were able to fix my hair loss within three treatments. I’m very happy with the results and I would recommend any women dealing with hair loss to go here.

THE CONSULTANT WAS GREAT ,VERY SMART i was explained every procedure of hair loss ,i had been to hair club and a next place for a previous consult where they pushed x trands, ext, and prp to me . the consultant explained in full detail EVERY procedure and what it would do to me ,i asked about prp was told its not proven for hairloss and its not health canada approved. this clinic offers everything the other 2 offer and more that i didnt even know about i told her i had 2 more consults . she told me make sure i go and hear them out and choose the best clinic i found that wierd as the other 2 places would not let me leave and try to force a purchase at hair forever not once did i think i had to buy something in fact it felt like school and learning . On my way out i was given a free shampoo and was told please call us to let us know why i did not choose hair forever and what could be done to improve. i went to 3rd dimensions and olavari herbal hair loss for consults . 1 week later i called hair forever and chose them as they offered everything the other 4 offered . My honest opinion is they care for the customer its worth just getting a consultation its free

Best consultation ever. “D” was very knowledgeable and honest in explaining every procedure. Highly recommend it

I wasn’t going to write a review but I had too , this place is not out for the money , they really care for your hair they could have easily taken my money but didn’t . I felt like I had hair loss went to hair club and got locked in a room for 3 hours by the famous Priyanka they wouldn’t let me leave i was told I need ext package yet they would not tell me the price per month , I went to a next place on explorer drive they told me I needed PRP consultations I felt sad and was scared of losing all my hair. I was at la fitness and saw Hair forever add thought why not called and booked a consult for the following day .

went for my consultation , the consultant is very smart in hair loss , she explained every procedure including the ones the other 2 companies didn’t offer (i don’t get how the other 2 companies are hair loss specialists but don’t offer every procedure or even tell you that other procedures exist) at the end of it she said I need nothing I told her about the other 2 consults and what I was told I was needed ,she said if i want to waste my money go ahead but they wont take me on as a client at hair forever because nothing is needed and I have a full head of hair ,she used the same scope the other company uses and showed me my roots. in fact she told me to just use a shampoo and told me what vitamins supplements to take . I felt so guilty leaving there because it was free consultation i felt like tipping her because she saved me a lot of money ,and gave me my confidence back all for FREE she had chances to take my money but didn’t in fact she gave me a free shampoo and conditioner nioxin . THANK YOU SO MUCH hair forever has my contact and I give them permission to have any one call me and ask for my experience .

Hair forever is exactly what the other review says they are not out for the money ..I wanted an expensive procedure (transplant ) but when I was explained why not to do it and the reasoning I’ll lose more hair and so on…I must say that I was a little skeptical at first, but they definitely proved me wrong. They are really miracle workers! There are so many ways they can help you, whether its transplantation, a treatment, or by adding in hair to areas I can’t grow it back. The result is mind-blowing and no one knows that there was ever hair loss! I also am getting compliments on my hair! Just FYI I did SMP . I would recommend this place if you want your hair back

I have been a member of the Hair club for men for 4 years paying $6OO a month, while driving i saw the add on the bus and called . I am currently already wearing a hair system so i knew all i wanted was servicing , so i called in spoke to hazel and asked about the servicing prices ,she asked if i was going anywhere else or doing it my self i told her im a member of hair club. Right after that she said come in for a free servicing if you like us and our technician then we can go further . WOW this is how it should be Free servicing and if i like it then i stay could not say no . I went in for servicing on a Sunday, 5 weeks ago and till today its still on me and no lifting ,with hair club i had to pay $600 a month ,drive 20 km away and the worst part they always try to up sell you, they go through technicians every week. because my hair piece always lifted i had to go 2 times a week , At hair forever no one even tried to up sell me a product in fact they gave me a free shampoo for my hair . overall system service is 10/10 ,system has not lifted ,BEST PART I SAVE $6000 a year this place is great thank you hazel and hairforever

This is a review of Hair Forever . I came here while I was in a contract with another company. They gave me a free meeting and were very informative and helpful. Right away it seemed like their women’s hairpieces were higher quality than where I was before they were made in USA and not china , does not take 8 weeks for a custom system .. They explained a method to install a hairpiece that was different than what I had before that didn’t involve glue, so I was interested. When I was ordering my piece it seemed like I had a lot of say in exactly what I was ordering so when it arrived I wasn’t confused or unhappy with my piece. It matched the colours I wanted and didn’t tangle after I washed it. They also don’t have any contracts. I’ve had it for 5 months so far and I haven’t had to replace it. The old company I was with, I had to replace every two months. If it wasn’t for hair forever I’d still be spending $500 a month at the other club .The consultation was free with a certified trichcologist, most hair clubs don’t have one they just have greedy sales consultants. I love hair forever for no contracts , it’s a cheap servicing price if I want to get it done . They followed up once a week with me to make sure I was happy and satisfied .

Cons – the parking lots says pay for parking but it’s free , I found out when I went upstairs, they have 4 spots in the parking lot for hair forever so just park there

Just wanted to THANK YOU Hair forever, I am very pleased with my procedure. Very professional woman and informative regarding different options and my budget. Extremely helpful which made things more comfortable for me at least knowing the outcome would be successful and my money was put to great use… thanks again I would recommend Hair Forever to anyone who wants to improve their hair situation

Was a member at another hair club paying a lot , when i called was asked if i was member anywhere else i told them i was a member elsewhere and i need a service done .they told me come in for a free servicing and if i like it then i can become a client .i would have easily payed the service cost but they are so nice and did not want me to pay . They wanted me to like the service then pay . i wish all business were like this .the service was great my hair addition stays on for 6 weeks at the other place i was going in every 3 weeks. This is how a business should be run where the customer is satisfied like the other reviews say they are not out for the money they just want to help.


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